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"From the Gym to the Jury" is a Bi-Monthy On-Line Newsletter designed to protect your sport programs (and yourself) from costly injuries, liability and lawsuits. This newsletter is a nationally acclaimed source for legal trends and risk management strategies for universities and sport programs. 

Latest Newsletter Articles

Here are just a few of the articles that you are missing in the latest Issue issue of FROM THE GYM TO THE JURY  

> Supreme Court to Hear NCAA Case
The Supreme Court has agreed to review a NCAA federal court case in June 2021, the Alston case, which if upheld could allow college athletes to be paid for playing.

> $3.5M Settlement in McNair Case
The case of Jordan McNair came to a close recently with a $3.5 million settlement. McNair died due to heatstroke and negligence suffered during a brutally hot football practice in 2018 at the University of Maryland.

> First Female Kicker in Power Five Football
Sarah Fuller made history as the first female to both appear and score as the kicker for Vanderbilt on their football team during the fall of 2020.

> The Right to Get Better?
Should a female be allowed to participate on men's teams, for the sole reason of improving her game? That's what one lawsuit over highschool soccer was all about.

> Michael B. Jordan Launches All-HBCU Tournament
Michael B. Jordan wants to uplift the HBCU system by creating a special basketball tournament just for HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) called The Hoop Dreams Classic.

> History in the Making
The historical professional "Negro Leagues" of 1920 to 1948 have recently been officially added to the Major Leagues by the MLB (Major League Baseball).

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