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"From the Gym to the Jury" is a Semi-Annual Online Newsletter designed to protect your sport programs (and yourself) from costly injuries, liability and lawsuits. This newsletter is a nationally acclaimed source for legal trends and risk management strategies for universities and sport programs. 

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Here are just a few of the articles that you are missing in the latest Issue of FROM THE GYM TO THE JURY  

> NFL Approves New QB Helmets To Help Prevent Concussions
These new helmets were then tested and were found to be seven percent better than the most popular helmets now worn by quarterbacks. These new helmets will debut in the 2023 season.

> Judge: Esports Not A Sport, Doesn't “Require Athletic Ability”
The issue came up in a recent Title IX court case where the Florida Institute of Technology was defending itself in a lawsuit from six of its former men’s rowing team members, stating that the number of participants in their Esports program still balanced out their Title IX requirements after cutting the rowing team. The judge disagreed.

> Vermont HS Forfeits Game Against Transgender Athlete's Team
The high school was later banned from playing the rest of the season. They are appealing the policy that banned them.

> $1 Million Pay Cut After Coach Utters Anti-Gay Slur
West Virginia University men's basketball coach Bob Huggins recently agreed to a million dollar pay cut, a three game suspension and sensitivity training after uttering an anti-gay slur against opposing fans.

> NFL Concussions Up 18% in 2022 Regular Season
NFL chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills said the number was due to multiple factors, one being the broadening of the definition of a concussion in the eyes of the NFL, causing more to be diagnosed than before.

> Everything Is Not Always the Same
In an editorial piece, Dr. Tom Appenzeller contends that not everything is the same at all levels, calling for increased numbers of medical professionals like athletic trainers at all levels of sport, including high school. This is in hopes that more medical emergencies can be handled properly, like NFL Damar Hamlin’s recent cardiac arrest on the field and subsequently being revived.

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