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"From the Gym to the Jury" is a Semi-Annual Online Newsletter designed to protect your sport programs (and yourself) from costly injuries, liability and lawsuits. This newsletter is a nationally acclaimed source for legal trends and risk management strategies for universities and sport programs. 

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Here are just a few of the articles that you are missing in the latest Issue of FROM THE GYM TO THE JURY  

> Hail and Farewell

After 30 years, today we say “hail and farewell” to this newsletter From the Gym to the Jury. Dr. Herb Appenzeller and colleague Ron Barron started this newsletter in 1993 in order to keep athletes, coaches and athletics directors safe and out of legal trouble. We thank the many people who have been involved over the years and the many friendships that have been made through it.

> First Discovered Case of CTE in Female Pro Athlete

Australian rules pro footballer Heather Anderson was the first female pro athlete to be posthumously diagnosed with CTE. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is believed to be caused by repeated impacts to the head over time.

> Professional Ethics a Must for Health Providers

The former San Jose University sports medicine director is going on trial for sexually abusing over two dozen female student athletes. This should be a wake up call to medical staff nationwide to operate with upmost integrity and to keep a third party staff member present during patient examinations to act as a witness.

> New App Lets Fans Donate To NCAA Athletes Directly

The new app, myNILpay, allows direct-to-player payments, in line with the new Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) legislation of the NCAA. Similar to Venmo, this new app promises to revolutionize the world of NIL, allowing fans to donate directly to NCAA players.

> Did the Supreme Court Really End Affirmative Action?

Technically yes, according to the new Supreme Court ruling. But as long as a student has a skill set that a university wants or a coach needs, or if a parent donates large sums of money, affirmative action will be alive and well on college campuses.

> Some Call It Charm

What is the only pro sport in America that doesn’t seem to care just how big or small their fields are? Major League Baseball. Read to discover how and why the lack of standardized field shapes and sizes became a major part of the game of pro baseball.

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