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"From the Gym to the Jury" is a Bi-Monthy On-Line Newsletter designed to protect your sports programs (and yourself) from costly injuries, liability and lawsuits. This newsletter is a nationally acclaimed source for legal trends and risk management strategies for universities and sports programs. 

Latest Newsletter Articles

Here are just a few of the articles that you are missing in the latest Issue issue of FROM THE GYM TO THE JURY  

> The Sky is Falling: The California "Fair Pay to Play" Bill
Probably one of the worst named pieces of state legislation in American history, the athlete now has the legal right to control his or her image or likeness and to get paid when a business wants to use that image.

> NC High School Cheerleading Squad Under Probation for "Make America Great Again" sign
Is this a violation of free speech, or is this because cheerleaders represent school values? We ask the readers to decide.

> NATA Survey: Club Sport Coaches Less Prepared for Medical Emergencies than HS Coaches
From a large survey of 769 club and high school coaches of basketball, soccer and volleyball in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, high school coaches were on average better prepared and equipped to handle medical emergencies than club sport coaches.

> Scholastic Wrestling's Hair Issue and the Power of Social Media
The video of a dark skinned wrestler having his dreadlocks cut mat-side went viral and has resulted in a New Jersey wrestling official being suspended for the next two seasons and required to take sensitivity training. Is this an example of "guilt by social media" or a true civil rights issue?

> New NATA Guidelines for Youth Athletes
To protect youth athletes from the injuries of specializing in a particular sport, the NATA recommends that youth athletes take more time off to rest and to diversify their athletic endeavors, stating that more well-rounded athletes that play multiple sports are less likely to be injured than those who specialize too early.

> Legends From the Locker Room is available to order!
The last and perhaps greatest book of the late Dr. Herb Appenzeller, Legends From the Locker Room has been recently published and is available for purchase at a discount through Check inside the newsletter on the last page for the discount code!

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