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"From the Gym to the Jury" is a Semi-Annual Online Newsletter designed to protect your sport programs (and yourself) from costly injuries, liability and lawsuits. This newsletter is a nationally acclaimed source for legal trends and risk management strategies for universities and sport programs. 

Latest Newsletter Articles

Here are just a few of the articles that you are missing in the latest Issue of FROM THE GYM TO THE JURY  

> Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Praying Coach
Former high school football coach Joe Kennedy appealed and won his case in the Supreme Court after being told kneeling and praying on the field with or without his team was against school policy in 2016. He is thankful the Court stood up for religious freedom but has yet to regain his coaching job.

> New Guardian Caps Drop Concussions by 50%
New Guardian Caps worn during this year’s NFL training season reduced concussions in players by over 50%. They are currently being used by over 200 colleges and 2000 high schools, but the NFL is taking it’s time listening to concerns and comments from NFL teams first before reaching a final decision.

> High School Coach Wins Defamation Lawsuit
Nathan McQuire, a Minnesota high school basketball coach, won his defamation lawsuit against a parent of one of his players, who admitted to making numerous false accusations against the coach after a dispute over her daughter’s playing time.

> 50th Anniversary of Title IX
First signed into law on June 23, 1972 as an amendment to the Education Acts, the effects of the federal law are still felt to this day. Much encouraging work has been done over the years, yet more remains to do.

> New Oklahoma Law Requires “Biological Sex Affidavits” to play Public School Sports
The affidavit must be signed by a parent or guardian if the athlete is less than 18 years old, or by the athlete themselves if 18 or older. This law is the first of its kind in the nation.

> Angry Youth Coach Hits Referee with Football
A Massachusetts youth football coach for 14 year olds and under has been accused of assault and battery by hitting the referee with the football after a controversial call, something the coach says was an accidental hit. He sadly set quite an example for his youth players on that night.

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