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Legends from the Locker Room Legends from the Locker Room
by Herb Appenzeller

The last and perhaps most important book by the author, Legends from the Locker Room is the story of the life and legend of Dr. Herb Appenzeller. As was characteristic of the author, he chose not to focus on the many accomplishments of his own life but those of whom he had the privilege of coming in contact with throughout his career. This book features a personal look at the lives of many famous as well as not-so-famous but inspirational individuals and athletes through the eyes of the author. His long career as a coach, AD, and professor at Guilford College as well as other schools allowed him to meet some fascinating individuals who made a tremendous impact on him. His hope was that their stories of courage and faith in the midst of adversity which allowed them to ultimately triumph will inspire you as much as they did him. A great book for coaches, athletes and sports enthusiasts alike, as well as all who love a great story about a great man who never thought that he was great. A legend in his own right, Dr. Appenzeller considered others ahead of himself as the true legends. The book was finished from his notes and published in his memory posthumously.

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Ethical Behavior in Sport Ethical Behavior in Sport
by Herb Appenzeller

Ethical Behavior in Sport uses the author's involvement in sport, from Little League to professional sport, to raise ethical questions from the past and present. It is a welcome addition to the sport industry.

Cheerleading and the lawCheerleading and the Law
by Herb Appenzeller


The emergence of sport risk management, which includes the popular activity of cheerleading, is timely and important in reducing injuries and subsequent lawsuits. A risk management plan for cheerleading is needed to meet the unprecedented growth of the sport to reduce the number of injuries and subsequent lawsuits that often follow serious injuries. The purpose of Cheerleading and the Law is to provide important guidelines in developing risk management plans with risk management strategies to create a safe environment for cheerleaders on every level. The need for such a book is evident, and the authors hope to fill a void that exists today in the ever-growing activity of cheerleading.

Risk Management in SportRisk Management In Sports
by Herb Appenzeller

Sports-related litigation continues to escalate in America year after year, due at least partially to increased pressure in the multi-billion dollar sport industry for all who are involved in the operation of sport. Risk Management in Sport: Issues and Strategies is a unique book in which 30 professionals, resembling a Who's Who of sport law and risk management, share their experiences and expertise to identify current issues confronting the industry. The mission of this book is intentionally unique. Herb Appenzeller not only identifies current issues confronting the sport industry, but also enables readers to develop risk management strategies that will assist them in setting guidelines, policies, plans and procedures � making the sport industry safer and less litigious.

Managing Sport and Risk Management Strategies
by Herb Appenzeller
2nd Edition


Author Herb Appenzeller uses practical examples of sport administration gathered and used during 40 plus years as a high school and college athletics director.  He points out the various strategies that succeeded and also those that caused problems as he turned four losing programs into highly successful athletic contenders.

In this second edition, thirteen additional authors and chapters have been added.  High school and collegiate athletic directors can effectively use the material in Part III, Risk Management Strategies, to operate a safe athletic program that protects the student athlete from injury and subsequent liability.  It also provides protection for the personnel and school from expensive litigation.  Part V, Appendices, has over 27 sample forms that range from mission statements, good conduct codes, drug testing policies and procedures, and sportsmanship incentive programs, and accident/injury reports. The new chapters deal with current issues that confront administrators such as sportsmanship, violence in sport, due process, hazing, and event management.  The text is extremely helpful to athletic directors in their important work with coaches and other personnel.  It includes evaluating criteria, exit interview questions, and employment guidelines.  This text can be used by students majoring in recreation/sport management programs who hope to work in the sports industry.  However, anyone who administrates a program and works with people can benefit from this book.

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